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written by tess

_________    proвleм ιѕ, ι can'т
                       тell  wнaт'ѕ  real  
                           anyмore, & wнaт'ѕ
              мade  υp.  



'You and me, we made a deal to try and save him. Remember?' Haymitch says. When I don't respond, he disconnects after a curt 'Try and remember.

( anchoredxinhope )

   She almost asks Ethan to get the door, but decides she’s
been sitting long enough to justify movement on her part. A pleasant
sight and a pleasant smell greet her eyes: Peeta with some fresh
baked goods. She beams at him, ushering him through the door. 


           ❝ Peeta! Come in, come in 


                     he steps through the door & sets down the basket of goods. the
                     first thing to catch his eyes is the little boy  standing not  too  far 
                     away. he  is  both  reminiscent of  annie  &  finnick-   —the  latter 
                     becoming more clear with age. there’s a pang in  his  chest  that
                     he’s sure annie is all too familiar with before he reaches  forward
                      & pulls the other into a tight hug. 

                                       ❛                         hey, little man! ❜  

                     with a chuckle at the others  protests, he  lets  go  of  him.  little 
                     man is clearly a name that’s  been  outgrown. his  own  children
                     aren’t as old as ethan, he hopes they can meet soon.

                                       ❛                         it’s beautiful in this district, annie.
                                          sorry katniss couldn’t come, the kids insisted on 
                                          going swimming. they should be around in the 
                                          next couple days, though. anyways, how’ve you
                                          been doing?



                        so, i wasn’t able to do a giveaway when i hit my next hundred
                        because  my other giveaway was still ongoing. but i still want
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 Independent Allison Argent from Teen Wolf.             That night at the school, I felt utterly
 Muti-verse,  multi-ship,  multi-everything tbh.             utterly weak, like I needed someone
 Except multi task. I can’t multitask for my life.                        to come rescue me.
 Crossovers AUs are the best my favorite.
 Writing  ranges  from paras, novellas, such.                         I HATE that feeling!
 Will probably make one liners paras, so sorry.
 Will probably make you cry,  not  really sorry.               I want to feel stronger than that,
 If  it  helps,  we  can cry together over Skype.                     I want to feel powerful.
Just let mun muse love you down, basically.                  
        graphic credit ]

                         un. deux. trois. quatre.
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( deathlxss )


( he’s a pitiful sight. the doctors would
  send the resident vampire to poke &
the victor; she’s nearly invincible. )

        Peeta, look at me. I don’t want
        you to shut up; I want you to focus.

                     he’s shackled to the hospital bed, violently thrashing about. he’ll
                     do just about anything to steer the needle from his arm.  another
                     injection is the last  thing  he  needs  to  rid  his  mind  of  capitol 

                                       ❛                         i don’t need drugs to focus!
                                          i’m fine! why won’t any of you listen?you 
                                          say you’re different than the capitol, but you
                                          keep filling me with drugs. 

( deathlxss )


"   Look— you’re getting this IV, & it
   doesn’t matter if you want it or not. 
  I’m the best we have; now, hold still. “

                                       ❛                         get it away from me! i’m not some
                                        animal you can just poke & prod whenever you
                                        want me to shut up! 

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Title: Blue Velvet Sea
Artist: Justin Nozuka
Album: Ulysees
Played: 437 times

( treebxtch )


 ❝ So they took it away. Your love.

   It wasn’t particularly addressed to the fair haired male, sitting next to her on a hospital bed; just an errant thought emerging to the surface. Love is strange — always will be for someone who had no chance to actually experience it.

   Johanna never expected from him of all people to lose it though, no matter how hard the capitol mutts would try. And there he was.

                I always wanted to tell you that you scream like a girl, by the way.   

                                       ❛                         they can’t take away something you
                                          never had, johanna. 
                     his mother, his father, his brothers never truly loved him. when it
                     came to katniss he was twisted with anger & bitterness. she had
                     manipulated him in the games, just like she was manipulating the 
                     rebels. the capitol had  adored  a relationship  that  was  false  to 
                     begin  with.  all  katniss  wanted  was  to  win   she’d  used  his 
                     affections for it. it had never been ɹ e a l. he’d never  known  love
                     the way johanna spoke of it. 

                                       ❛                         maybe that was my way of 
                                         trying to brighten your spirit down in the
                                         torture chambers
. hope it gave you a laugh
                                         or two. 

Write 10 things about yourself and pass onto 10 of your favorite followers.

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  1. i have six siblings + 2 family dogs + my own dog. everyone thinks it’s crazy there’s so many kids in my fam but i think it’s weird when there’s only one or two kids. likeE Ya need a variety in siblings. one i can’t stand, the other 5 are greeaaat. 
  2. i like being on my own, but i find it slightly unnerving/boring since i’m used to being around lots of people. 
  3. i l-o-v-e to travel! i’ve been to: ireland, england, wales, rome, pompeii, florence, venice, assisi, paris, vatican city, u.s, & around canada. 
  4. art is my lYFE. i can’t imagine any other career & i’m super jealous of artists who lived in the renaissance age bc they could totally just go live under a bridge in florence & paint. i’d be considered a crazy artist/hobo if i did that. 
  5. i will spend every cent in my bank on concerts. lana del rey came to canada this year & i was like, meh got uni to pay for but meh ldr is also coming so i’m obvi going. i spent 1k to fly myself over to vancouver & go to the concert & have a kick ass birthday week.
  6. ^ i met aubrey plaza & got a cake in the face on a stage in this crazy bar on said vacation, on the same night.  
  7. i used to play basketball & it’s still my favourite sport 
  8. standing for long periods of time is my own personal version of hell 
  10. i don’t have my drivers license. but to be fair, if i did i’d have to drive around my family & drive a 15 seater van. #boo

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