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written by tess

_________    proвleм ιѕ, ι can'т
                       тell  wнaт'ѕ  real  
                           anyмore, & wнaт'ѕ
              мade  υp.  




                   DEALING  WITH  MY  BULLSHIT  FOR  ALL
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so it’s been a while since i’ve done a giveaway. life has been a bit hectic and so i wanted to do one as a thank you for y’all that stick with me still and all that fun junk. soooooo GIVEAWAY!!!??? GIVEAWAY

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quarterbxck replied to your post: “current muses;  peeta mellark the hunger games  low activity  …”:
i’m in love with every single one of them. when can I start obsessively promo-ing you.

1/endless reasons to love miriam 

current muses; 


peeta mellark
the hunger games 
low activity 

mallorie cobb
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matt donovan
the vampire diaries
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teen wolf

liam dunbar
teen wolf

You will rescue Peeta at the earliest opportunity. Or you will find another Mockingjay.

just to let you guys know,

i’m v sorry about being low activity on allaccounts. i’m still at the farm which is nearing two months now. sometimes the youngest kid turns of the wifi & plugs it directly into their computer ( aka my own version of hell ). also, i don’t have a desk here which makes typing awkward most  of the time. i’m trying to make it work doesn’t help that  made new accounts so pls be patient with me, cuties. i’m going back home at the end of the month!

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I’m on my 700 milestone now. I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who has literally followed back, and has stuck by me for the longest time. Half of the year has already gone and I’ve made so many friends here that could easily last a lifetime. Down below are the people I stalk, roleplay with or admire. If you are on here it means I love your blog and if we haven’t started any threads yet we should do so.

You guys should also know I’m following over 843 blogs now so if you aren’t on here. Don’t feel bad, I love each and every of you and I’m blessed to have such amazing roleplayers among my midst.

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                            ❛ okay, maybe i don’t go around
                       i meet, maybe my smiles are hard to come by,  
                                         but i do care for some people. ❜

       district twelve.     interviews.     treaty of treason.     graphic credit.

                      ❛  i see things that nobody else sees.

( illripyourthroat )


     it might set him off. maybe.
            BUT JOHANNA DOESN’T BELIEVE in the tactics everyone else in
            thirteen are using when it comes to a lot of things, and peeta mellark
            is one of them. they treat him like a delicate unbalanced tortured
            patient, and well -–––––––––  yeah, he fucking is. he is and johanna is
            and annie is and all of them are. you don’t just spend time in torture
            and come back in one piece ready to go. just like you don’t ever come
            back in one piece in the games, no matter the title they slap on you.

            THEY ARE GIVEN A LIST OF topics to not bring up. an actual list;
            johanna annot believe that thirteen used the supplies of paper and ink
            to make it but sure enough it was in her hands. just several lists, the
            headers of each a different rescued prisoners’ name. it mapped out for
            everyone the topics to avoid with certain people. hell, her name was on
            it. JOHANNA MASON: avoid topics of -––––– family ; torture ; any and
            all subjects of and within the games and/or the capitol ; etc. what a load
            of fucking bull. and for peeta? for peeta it basically listed everything. they
            walk on eggshells around him, around all of them, and that’s not for johanna
            fucking mason. she knows that’s not what she needs -–––––––– what she
            needs is to fucking scream and yell about every point on this list plus the
            dozens of others in between that they missed and don’t even know about.
            ( she needs to scream about water, because maybe it’ll help if she rips her
            vocal chords out in the process and not feel like she’s drowning. ) she has
            a feeling that maybe that’s what her friend peeta needs too.

            SO INSTEAD OF avoiding him, like she was told to do ( she has a feeling
            that they don’t trust her around him ( they don’t -––––––––––– the idea of
            johanna mason and empathy is a lost one, no matter how close her own
            story is to the other’s ) ), she joins him where he sits.

                                        ❛ what’s worse -––––––––––––––––
                                                           the food here, or when
                                                           we were in the cells?

                     the  low  hum of  the  florescent  lights  was  about  all  that  was 
                     keeping peeta sane. he didn’t think he was unstable like the rest
                     insisted, so locking him up in a  room  with  four  plain walls was  
                     almost   unbearable   for  the   victor. there  was   no   source  of
                     entertainment to keep his mind from wandering too far, not even
                     a fly flickering around the lights. they kept saying they were trying
                     to fix his mind -to reverse the damage restore him to  what  he  
                     ’used to be. if there was one thing he remembered  crystal clear,
                     it was the love of colour. district 12 was never exactly vibrant with
                     colour like the capitol, but it made district 13 look like a grayscale
                    the prisoner patient sits  on  the  bed, ankles  shackled,  although 
                    granted the freedom  to  have  his  wrists  unchained.  he’s  been 
                    fiddling with the ankle chains for the better part  of  an   hour   to 
                    no avail. it’s just as  useless  as  it’s  always  been. at  least  he’s
                    giving something for  the  doctors collected behind the  two  way
                    mirror to discuss. maybe now they’d actually talk amongst them
                    -selves   instead  of  trying  to  pick  something  out  of his  brain
                    through his words. he hated speaking to them- or anyone, really.
                    when he  notices  johanna  stroll  into  the  room  with  little  care
                    compared to everyone else that hesitantly comes into  the  room,
                    he  doesn’t harshly reject her presence, like he might with others.
                    instead, he allows her to stay.


                    she’s framilar…at least in the sense that she was  never a  liar  
                    manipulator. they hadn’t been friends in the  arena, they’d  been
                    allies. now, the axe wielding victor was the only person who kept
                    him from falling into  despair. she’d  been  there  for  him  in  the 
                    capitol cells now she was  alongside  him  once  again. there’s 
                    silence for a moment before  he  shakes  his  ankles;  letting  the
                    sound resonate, & almost allows a smile to cross his face.

                              ❛                         neither. it’s the fashion. pales in 
                                comparison to the capitol couture of the cells.
                                looks like you’ve been released from the stupidity
                                of these doctors. must be nice. ❜