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offireandrebellion replied to your post: “˜. you guys are adorable & so  lovely. ok? yup. ”:
pats your precious face. anyone who loves peeta mellark is an automatic friend of mine ok.

well we are the bestest of friends now because i’m v much a peeta fan

✘. you guys are adorable & so 
lovely. ok? yup. 


whenever someone tells me “it’s your fault i ship this” my heart swells with pride and purpose

Title: Ain't No Sunshine
Artist: Cœur de Pirate
Album: Trama
Played: 7385 times

Cœur de Pirate | Ain’t No Sunshine

ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
it’s not warm when she’s away

✘. damn, son. i was not  
expecting that many followers
so quickly !i have to attend a 
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                                                     must’ve really
                                                              l o v e d you  ❜


                                canon  + selective             
                               [               i.                    ii.           iii.              ]

"Ally." He said slowly, tasting it. "Friend, lover, target, hunter, victor, mutt , fiancee, enemy.

Title: Kill My Darling
Artist: Oh Land
Album: Wishbone
Played: 3517 times